About Jane Tricker

Jane Tricker, owner of Elmcroft Editorial Services, provides freelance writingediting and proofreading, and other editorial services primarily for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but also for a variety of other publishers and non-publishers.

I consider myself to be first and foremost a scientist. I graduated with a BSc in Biological Chemistry and spent the next 10 years in the fine chemicals industry, first with SmithKlineFrench Pharmaceuticals (now part of GSK), then Tate & Lyle (where I helped to develop the high intensity sweetener Splenda) and latterly with Zeneca Agrochemicals (now part of Syngenta).

I then joined PJB Publications Ltd (now part of Informa) to set up and manage AgroProjects – a database product that tracked the progress of new herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and acaricides through R&D and onto the market. This is where I learned my trade as a writer, editor and proofreader. In addition to researching and writing entries for the database (including interviewing company spokesmen), I wrote a quarterly updates newsletter as well as occasional news stories and features for PJB’s Agrow newsletter for the Agchems industry. Having edited AgroProjects for  6 years, I moved over to the Business Reports division of PJB as Editorial Manager. I oversaw the publication of up to 50 reports for the human and animal pharmaceuticals, medical devices and agribioscience industries each year. These covered scientific and technical developments and business and commercial issues.

In 2003, I went freelance and worked initially as an editor and proofreader for a number of publishers but later as a medical writer for a variety of medical education and medical communications agencies. Now my work covers freelance writing, editing and proofreading  In addtion to purely freelance work, I’ve also had a number of contract positions – mainly providing interim cover for medical education agencies. I also consult on publishing practice.

Visit  my website – www.freelancemedicalwriting.co.uk – to find out more about my work, to read testimonials and to contact me.


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